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Learn everything you need to know about buying and selling properties in probate with my tried and true system. Years of experience have been distilled down to the simple, every day truths that you need to know to make thousands on every deal!

Regardless of what you may have heard–“you can’t touch that, it’s in probate”–probate is one of the easiest, fastest ways to make money in real estate today. If you, like most people, believe that properties in probate are off limits, then you are in for a very nice surprise–and lots of money!

There are simple ways to deal with properties in probate ...if you know how.


With the Probate Profit System you will learn:

  • Learn how to get super deals on properties from homes to businesses
  • Discover pre-screen methods to get really super deals and not waste your time
  • Find out how to have financing ready to go for a quick sale and profit

Even though I have invested in real estate for some years now, you taught me a lot; I made $43,264 last month alone.

George Hinett. PA..


Probate is one of the most misunderstood areas of real estate. But if you are serious about not only making deals but making big profits, then the Probate Profit System is for you!

Explore this misunderstood, but immensely profitable, area of real estate with little or no competition. You will be one of the few who really knows and understands the ins and outs of this highly lucrative part of the real estate industry. And it’s all available to you quickly and easily with my easy-to-learn, easy-to-understand system.

Why should you get involved in Probate profits in the first place?

  1. Unbelievably low prices, just cents on the dollar in many cases!
  2. More profitable deals, trillions of dollars worth of assets
  3. Few people know how to find and purchase property from an estate

Some of the most motivated sellers you could wish for are found in probate situations. And there are

10 times more properties are in Probate then in Foreclosure!!

Most of the time the heirs just want to sell the house to pay off debts or just to sell, take their share, and get on with their lives. They believe that it’s a whole lot easier to divide cash 2, 4, or 10 ways than it is to try to divide up property proportionately and fairly. Sometimes there is a mortgage on the house, condo, or business property, or debts to pay off like a car, credit cards, etc.  If there is not enough cash, then the heirs of the estate have no option but to sell off assets to pay the debts.

Some of the best parts of this method of investing are:

  • No real estate experience required
  • No big advertising budget required
  • No massive buyer’s list required
  • No real estate license required
  • No complicated short sales required
  • No risk or virtually zero risk to you required
  • No big piles of cash required

I quit my regular real estate business and now do probate properties exclusively. In the very first year I doubled what I had made the last two years!

Thomas Blunell, CA.


This is the easiest system you can imagine; I explain everything in easy-to-understand terms and step-by-step instructions. The bonus web based software system* tracks your marketing, contacts, offers, deals, and profits.  It is so simple anyone can use it! You won’t have any cumbersome record keeping, rolodex cards, notes scribbled on little pieces of paper, or a desk piled high with unfiled papers and miscellaneous notes.

There is no way that you can lose with probate properties and my system.  It is all in the system, everything you need to make insane profits with probate properties!


My Probate Profit System gives you everything you need:

  1. Understanding the probate process
  2. Find out who has the right to sell the property in probate
  3. The right time to contact the estate and how to do it
  4. How to find the decision makers among the sellers
  5. How to write direct mail letters that get results now
  6. How to evaluate the deals and negotiate them easily
  7. How to figure the best exit strategy and find a hungry buyer
  8. Understand inheritance funding and use it to get the heirs to sell
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